Melissa Faye Shaner




Small vs Big

There are plenty of reasons why small is good and big is bad.

Small (me) tend to cost less and produce more.

Because overhead is smaller, I am able to reduce the hourly fee.

I am more willing to work with you to ensure the project is successful.

If the working relationship is strong, you know I will be willing to do

one more change or work late to get the job done.

And this is a good thing, this is what sets me apart from the big guys.

Cost vs Value


2010 Sweetwater Galley Juried Photography Exhibition

Below Awards are in conjunction with UPMC Health Plan and are part of a team environment.
My role is indicated:

2010 Diamond Awards East Central District, Public Service, (Role Designer - We Can! Pittsburgh Campaign)

Aster Award, Gold Award, (Role Designer - E-Welcome Kit)

Healthcare Advertising Award, Gold Award, (Role Designer - Healthy Armstrong)

Hermes Creative Awards, Gold Award, (Role Photography Lead - 2008 Annual Report)

LACP Inspire Awards, Bronze Award, (Role Designer - 2009 United Way Campaign)

Numerous Horse Competition Awards in AHA and OVTPA
dating from 2005 thru 2010.


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